Imagination for mechanics engineering

MECAGINE is a mechanics of structures and systems engineering company ; it specializes in mechanics design, structural stability, thermal simulation and optimization.

MECAGINE manages customer projects up to industrialization, including analysis, research, design, calculation and prototyping phases. MECAGINE engineers work through a range of complete and flexible services inside numerous industries, with centers of excellence in aerospace, defense, transportation and information technologies.

MECAGINE belongs to ADVANS GROUP (1000 engineers, € 75 million turnover), which gathers companies expert in the design of electronic systems, software engineering, mechanics and mechatronics.


MECAGINE consultancy and engineering company specializes in:

  • Consultancy/expertise (feasibility study, proposal of technical solutions, writing of their detailed specifications)
  • Study and development (functional analysis, writing of technical specifications, design/modeling, calculation notes and chain dimensioning) of electronic systems mechanics, of dedicated machines, of production tooling, of injection mold and of molding
  • Definition/Manufacturing files (outline and detailed planning, nomenclature and technical data sheet)
  • Mechanical structure calculation
  • Thermal simulation
  • Program management
  • Optimization (cost reduction and production time)
  • Consultancy, work packages, dedicated development centers