Intervention Modes

Intervention Modes

In response to the needs of its customers, MECAGINE proposes different types of intervention.


MECAGINE engineers, whose selection was made based on technical and human criteria, join the customer teams as consultant or expert, with a means-driven engagement.

Work packages

Based on a specification, MECAGINE supports the complete realization of a project. It is commited to the quality of deliverables, respecting the deadlines definied along with the customer.

Here are 2 examples of projects realized by MECAGINE:

  • Design of a special machine for plastic microinjection
  • Design and thermal simulation of an embedded calculator

Dedicated Development Center

As an outsourced R&D team, a dedicated development center combines the skills and expertise of MECAGINE engineers, in compliance with customer methodologies.

Flexible and responsive, this intervention mode also ensures a superior degree of confidentiality for projects.

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