MECAGINE consultancy and engineering company manages mechanical projects from the design phase up to the preparation of layouts, including feasibility study, functional specifications, functional analysis, specifications, nomenclatures, calculation notes, chain dimensioning & technical manuals. The knowledge of production (ISO functional dimensioning and dimensional tolerancing) are perfectly integrated into definition drawings so as to answer to customer requirements.

MECAGINE can also achieve:

  • Structural stability calculations of systems subject to static stresses (tensile strength calculations), fast dynamic or dynamic (shock) to check their sizes and structural behaviors during design and validation phases
  • Thermal simulations enabling to model/simulate and reduce potential thermal problems (encountered on the mechanical and/or electronic components) according to the different transfer modes (conduction, convection & radiation)
  • Optimization calculations to reduce the cost and manufacturing time of mechanical parts

Software tools

MECAGINE engineers use the following software tools:

  • Pro/Engineer, Catia, SolidWorks for CAD (3D modeling)
  • Pro/Mechanica, Patran, Nastran for structural calculation
  • Flotherm, Fluent, Icepack for thermal simulation


If needed, MECAGINE proposes three technologies for the realization of mock-ups: sintering, stereolithography and CNC processing.