Leading edge mechanical design

We are an engineering company, we carry out projects with high added value.

Our engineers work in highly innovative high tech fields.

Our customers expect solutions to their complex problems, that’s why they call on us.

A diversified activity

We specialize in mechanical design.

However, to make a good product, we must take into account from the design phase a whole set of issues (electrical, thermal, vibration, shock, sealing, user safety, manufacturing …), and all their interactions.

This is what is expected of our engineers, who carry out various activities from the pre-project to prototyping, through all phases of design and sizing.


You do not know how to do everything? Do not panic!

We train our engineers, especially recent graduates, on a whole range of topics (CAD, calculations …).

The goal is that after a few years, our young design engineers will be able to ensure a complete development, from the blank sheet to the prototype, even the manufacture.


It is best to let our engineers say what they think of their companies. All the employee testimonials can be found on the dedicated page.

Now, let’s talk about you, who may become a new ADVANS Group engineer…