You like technology

It may seem obvious, however, as Talleyrand said, “What goes well without saying, goes even better when you say it.”: so let’s emphasize that to do a good job, one must love what he does!

So, if you have chosen to become an engineer (or to follow an equivalent university education), it was not a choice by default, you were really attracted by technology and the way it works.

Moreover, without this being a criterion of selection, if you tell us for example that:

  • At home, you have already created a simple connected object with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi board. Just for fun…
  • During your studies, you were a member of a computer, electronics, robotics club…
  • You’ve already participated in a hackathon…

You will certainly attract our attention!

A Technical potential

As we are tackling high value-added projects, we necessarily have a strong selection process for your engineers.

Our job interviews thus contain technical tests, to measure your skills, but also and above all to detect your potential.
Beyond your skills and your way of designing / programming, we will for example watch how you react to new issues. This is essential for us, because within the ADVANS Group, you will meet new ones (very) often.

An Engineer profile

Inside the ADVANS Group, we recruit about one third of young graduates, one third of engineers with one to three years of experience and one third of more experienced profiles. All have graduated from engineering schools or equivalent university courses.

We also recruit trainees, most often as part of a graduation project; our internships being of the “pre-employment” type.

Now, you know more about the ADVANS Group (Us), the people we are looking for (You), let’s talk about what we can accomplish together (You&Us).