Ingénieur mécanique fiche métier

Mechanical engineer

The mechanical engineer imagines and designs the mechanical part of systems, structures, special machines… This is a particularly varied job, where you can be involved in a project from A to Z, in diversified activity sectors.

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Synonym: mechanical design engineer.


Responsibilities & Roles

A mechanical engineer takes care of all or some parts of the tasks related to the design of a product. We are therefore upstream of the industrialization part, during which the products are manufactured.

In a mechanical design office, he/she will potentially take care of :

  • The search for different solutions in response to the need expressed by the customer.
  • The drafting of the specifications.
  • The predimensioning of the structure.
  • The search for the components that will be used.
  • CAD modeling of parts (Computer Aided Design).
  • The various resistance calculations of the materials used.
  • Depending on the requirements of the project: thermal simulations, static, dynamic, acoustic, fluid flow …
  • The realization of plans (quotation, tolerancing …).
  • Writing justification files and assembly instructions.
  • Orders to suppliers.
  • The assembly of the prototypes.
  • Tests and validations: assembly tests, thermal tests, EMC tests…
  • Finally, at the beginning of the industrialization phase, he/she can exchange with suppliers and manufacturers. For example, to modify parts related to the means of production used; or to validate parts before the launch of mass production.

In addition to these varied tasks, this job is located at the intersection of many specialties. It is necessary to reconcile a whole set of constraints expressed by electrical engineers, including thermal stress, EMC, industrialization…

In short, this is a particularly rich job!

How to become a mechanical engineer

To become a mechanical engineer, you must hold a master degree in mechanical engineering. It can be from a University, an engineering school with a specialization in mechanics, or a specialized engineering school.


The basis for an engineer is to possess solid technical skills, for example in the fields of CAD (e.g. SolidWorks / Creo), thermal simulation, mechanical simulation, etc.

As we have seen above, the variety of potentially supported tasks requires high versatility, as well as good adaptability.

You have to be rigorous, possess a critical mind, and be able to propose alternatives with diplomacy.


What salary can be claimed? In general, it depends on the educational background, the level of experience, the specialty, or the region where the position is located.

Mechanical Engineer Employment Opportunities in France

MECAGINE recruits engineers all year round in France for its Ile-de-France location, as well as in Grenoble, Lyon, Nice Sophia Antipolis, Aix en Provence, Toulouse, Nantes and Rennes.

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