Mechanical Design Engineer: Pierre’s Testimonial

Mechanical design engineer

Mechanical Design Engineer: Pierre’s Testimonial

Pierre is mechanical design engineer at MECAGINE. He introduces to us his career and his job.

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How to become a mechanical design engineer: educational background

Can you tell us about your educational background?
Following a high-school diploma with a specialty in mathematics, my taste for maths and physics led me to join INSA Rennes, an engineering school (5 year program) offering a high level of education and many specialties. I chose mechanical engineering and automation from my third year to build skills in the areas of design, industrialization, production and automation.
In addition to this training as a mechanical engineer, I joined a specialized Master of Business Administration at IGR-IAE Rennes, where I learned the fundamentals of project management, budget and entrepreneurship.
I finished my studies with a double skill of engineer in mechanical design + manager, reinforced with practice through internships and projects.

What made you specialize in mechanical design engineering?
I always had a taste for creation as well as a good understanding of perspective. I had the chance to learn with competent and motivating teachers in science subjects. This led me intuitively to the world of mechanical engineering. I can transform ideas, concepts and sketches into tangible and functional products.

Professional career

And at the professional level, can you introduce us to your career?
Starting with my internships, I first worked in Canada for the subsidiary of a large group specializing in high-voltage grids. I was involved in the mechanical design of tooling within the methods department.
Then, in France, I joined the main avionics factory of a world leader in aerospace, this time for a project of continuous improvement and production management (internship realized on behalf of my year at IGR-IAE).
Finally, still in France, I did my end-of-study internship within a start-up in the field of industrial safety. I participated in the design of a corrosion detection tool, embedded on a drone.

After my graduation, I joined directly MECAGINE, initially in the Paris’ mechanical design office to work on various topics.
I am currently an engineering consultant for a global giant of digital transformation, I work on the design of an integrated cooling system within a high performance computing solution (HPC).

His job

Tell us more about your job…
My job is to interpret and respond to customer specifications, translating into technological solutions a functional need. More specifically, this translates into the following steps:

  • The pre-study/preliminary project: upstream work phase used to advance several well-founded principles of solutions.
  • The design: design phase of the chosen solution, CAD software design, exchanges with the various stakeholders working on the project (other services, suppliers …). Drawing of parts, calculation and simulation (thermal, strength materials).
  • Prototyping: sending files to suppliers, exchange with them on the optimization of design to adapt to their means of manufacture. Tracking the schedule.
  • The aceptance phase: receipt of prototypes, metrology, input control and design validation through a test plan.
  • Writing project deliverables: according to the client, several documents can be delivered: a DJD (document of justification of design, regrouping the hypotheses and results), a documentation of assembly, of use …

This job allows you to work at different stages of the product life cycle.

To find out more about the job of mechanical engineer, you can consult our job description.

What do you like about your job?
I like the diversity of issues and technical challenges. There is no day-to-day routine!
It’s a job that works a lot by project and that allows you to see your designs come to life!

To conclude, can you tell us a few words about MECAGINE?
I joined MECAGINE because I was very attracted by the internal design office that the company offers. I saw it as a good way to work on a variety of projects and build skills with other engineers. It is important for me to feel that I capitalize on the experience of all the projects I undertake, so it was a very good place to start working and to gain experience.
Then, MECAGINE has a “high tech” positioning, it works with partners having strong skills and it also attracted me.